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Bar turning centers

Bar turning centers

MT series lathes are user-friendly and take into account modern industry needs such as ease of use, precision machining, compactness, unmanned machining capability, integration of operations with Y-axis capability to enable complete machining processes in a single machine and at a low production cost.

Main characteristics:

High-performance multi-functional bar production
Handling large parts (MT200 Main spindle Max. ø80 mm)
Selectable spindle and speed range drive motors
Live Tool operation on all the towers and stations. Extreme stiffness with inserts that have longer lives than the standard Estrema rigidità con durata degli inserti superiori alla norma
Intelligent unloader Available for MT100 and MT200


Plus 1 flexible automation: all-in-one solutions with bar and spindle operation.
Plus 2 Y-axis on all the towers.

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