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Front-facing twin-spindle turning centers

Front-facing twin-spindle turning centers

MURATEC, a pioneer in twin-spindle turning centers, constantly offers our customers high-precision, new-generation, high-quality machines with cutting-edge technology, high-production rates, and the automation required for customized work cells.
Characteristics of the twin-spindle turning center:

Flexible use of the machine in two identical processes or for the first and second operation
Compact design, easy configuration changes
Full range of options supported by unmanned production
Alignment of two spindles, one next to the other, improves the setup efficiency
A flat guide structure and a tower on bars provide excellent stiffness
High-speed machining
Direct free-fall of the shavings allows the swarf to be efficiently removed


Plus 1 integrated gantry.
Plus 2 machining without continuous operator presence.
Plus 3 high-speed, high-stiffness machining.

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